FAQ - Vippa NZ

FAQ (for App Users)

  1. How does it work?

    Vippa app puts traditional paper “Buy 5 Get 1 Free” style cards digitally on your phone. You can enjoy digitised loyalty stamps and rewards (via our Vippa platform) to your favourite cafés and restaurants. No more lost or forgotten cards in your wallet. Find us in city centres, cafés, restaurants and in business districts, you can also find nearby special deals wherever and whenever you need them.

  2. Is it free?

    Yes, it is absolutely free to download and use the app, claim deals, and use digital stamps.

  3. How often do I get notifications?

    As often as you like, or even ‘no notifications’. And when you want to change, simply go to Notification Settings in the app and adjust the frequency to suit your lifestyle.

  4. What if the deal runs out before I get there?

    All deals on Vippa are limited and while stocks last. So be quick to claim the in app only deals, and get there fast before those delicious hot muffins run out at their discounted price.

  5. Can I use the digital stamps in any café?

    You can collect Vippa digital stamps only at the café or restaurant who issued them to you. You can only redeem the stamp loyalty reward at that same café or restaurant. But you can collect and store multiple stamps from any of our registered Vippa cafés or restaurants that offer a loyalty reward on our Vippa map.

  6. Can I request my favourite or nearby café or restaurant to join?

    Yes! Simply download Vippa app, search the café or restaurant you like, and click “Request Business to Join Vippa”. We will do the rest.

FAQ (for Merchants)

  1. What is Vippa?

    Vippa helps New Zealand small businesses grow organically with leading social mobile marketing and digitised loyalty technologies.

  2. How does it work?

    Loyalty cards are a proven customer retention tool and widely used by businesses to increase the lifetime value of a customer. You will get an easy to use dashboard to run this digitally. Customers love the fact that they always have your business loyalty programme with them, giving you complete advertising freedom and live promotional data all in one platform.

    You can also run flash deals that can bring your customers closer and keep them close whenever you want. You get to keep all the margins too. Vippa offers you the ROI certainty and confidence in our premium service quality.

  3. Is it free?

    Yes, there is a free membership level (Value Member). But where the most of Vippa Value can be added to your business, there is also Digital stamp (Loyalty Member) and Flash deals (VIP Member) upgrades which require a small fixed monthly subscription fee.

    During pre-launch stage, Vippa will be offering a 3-month free period for all Loyalty and VIP Memberships.

  4. I am a café owner, can I terminate the service at any time?

    Yes. Vippa has no fixed contract agreement. You can start and stop our service in your dashboard at any time and you won’t lose your information or log-in.

  5. What do I get if I become a paid member, Loyalty or VIP member?

    As a Loyalty Member, you will get ‘a customised digital stamps QR code’ for your customers to scan and collect stamps. As a VIP member, on top of the stamp function, you will also get ‘the ability to publish instant flash deals to sell out your stocks prior to the timeframe you like’. This allows you to run targeted multiple flash deals and stamp loyalty programme, and a fixed frequency for single everyday deals. All members will receive our friendly customer service whenever there is any issue with our software.

  6. How often will my credit card be charged?

    Once a month from the beginning of the membership upgrade date.

  7. Will my credit card information be secure?

    Yes, Vippa uses Stripe as an authentic payment service which is secure and safe.

  8. Is the customer data collected my own?

    Yes, Vippa will not use any of the information/data collected for its own purposes. The ownership of your customer analytics generated through the Vippa platform is yours.