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Introducing VIPPA ®

Your one-stop customer loyalty app

App Features

Location based deals

Promote deals to potential customers who are right in your neighbourhood, then turn them into fans and keep them coming back for more.

Digital loyalty stamps

Turn one-time customers into loyal patrons with an addictive loyalty reward system. The modern (and environmentally friendly) replacement to paper-based loyalty cards.

Fast Flash deals

Got a quiet patch of business? There’s a way to fix that – promote a time-sensitive Flash Deal and get things pumping right away!

Create your Business
Dashboard in minutes

The epicentre for all your live deals and loyalty card rewards.
Add photos and introduce yourself to new customers.
Track what’s popular and what’s not. No risk. You are in control.

why VIPPA ® works

Go live fast

Drive traffic
& loyalty

View rich customer insights

Provide location based deals

Business growth potential

Ditch the chalkboard!

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